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[Pineapple Enzyme Facial Mask] is a product that Dr. Own discovered for a long time, Taiwan cosmetic market have a lot of facial masks but most of them have few effective result. Pineapple Enzyme is found have a very good result on cutting protein, when you use facial mask you need to remove old skin in order to induce the new nutrition, Taiwan have a lot of very good fruits is top of the world, especially the Pineapple Enzyme is no.1 in the world. Pineapple enzyme is classified as proteolytic enzyme, meaning that it digest proteins. Pineapple enzyme is isolated from the stem of the pineapple plant and the juice of the pineapple fruit. This enzyme is reputed to provide a wide variety of health medical benefits.

We are using it as safe skin improvement product, instrumental analysis indicated the pineapple mask will tighten skin structure. Western medicine, pineapple enzyme is often used to remove dying tissue associated with infected wounds, cysts, diabetic ulcers, lesions and burns. German Commission E has approved the use of pineapple enzyme powder to control post-operative inflammation and congestion associated with surgeries involving the sinus cavities or throat. Pineapple enzyme is also used as a debridement agent to slough dead tissue from burns and other types of injuries.
In the beginning, Dr. Own is only trying to make a nature effective cosmetic product for his wife, as encourage by his colleagues he is in cooperation with Pemay Biomedical Company, using the best ingredient and automotive producing process. But the marketing process is very simple, without costly advertising marketing expanses, make the product price low and reach every customer. The facial mask has very solid proven result, waiting for you to try.